DSPA Products

Releasing a cloud of potassium compounds, DSPA extinguishes flames and disperses a fire within seconds. This proven fire intervention tool can be used in a wide variety of fire scenarios to lower the temperature and knock down flames allowing the fire department to enter, fight the fire effectively, and limit damages, and dangers to themselves.Fire Chief grapping the DSPA-5 for a house fire Whether with the fixed units or the portable knock down tools.

First Responders Benefit from DSPA Knock down tool, the DSPA-5

The DSPA can be used in for any enclosed area where fire can cause major damage. Different types of first responders, have all used the DSPA and saved thousands of dollars on property and equipment.

Suppression Effects

Tested and found to be effective on Class A, B, C, and K fires in contained spaces, a single DSPA can completely suppress a fire in a 3500 cubic foot room and will slow the spread of fire in larger spaces. DSPA can also assist with Class D fires as an agent suppression fires started from the metal.

The DSPA can be deployed in all stages of fires in which the aerosol will not immediately vent. When deployed in accordance with the product specifications and accepted conditions for use,  DSPA will:

   * Reduce temperature by as much as 700ºF within seconds
   * Knock down flame
   * Hold it down for as long as the  aerosol remains contained
   * Prevent flashover
   * Reduces danger to both victims and Firefighters.
   * Buys time for crews to arrive and set up attack
   * Makes the fire ground safer
   * Reduces property damage
   * Reduces wear and tear on equipment
   * Reduces the amount of water required
   * Preserves evidence of fire cause
   * Non-toxic to victims and first responders
   * Has been replaced by the insurance carriers
   * Less risk than the use of fire extinguishers
   * Does not take oxygen out of the room
   * Environmentally friendly
   * 15 year shelf life