eAuditPro™ is Commercial Energy Audit Software . . . Made Simple.

Building Managers use eAuditPro to take charge of their energy efficiency process. They typically identify opportunities to reduce energy bills 20% to 40%.

Contractors use eAuditPro to win more energy efficient renovation, tenant improvement and retrofit projects.

eAuditPro™ puts building managers in control as they collaborate with contractors to identify affordable energy efficiency solutions. eAuditPro™ provides simple tools for return on investment analysis. And, only eAuditPro™ offers one mouse click report generation.

eAuditPro Software Increases Commercial Real Estate Value

Energy Star data indicates that a 10% decrease in energy use can produce a 1.5% increase in net operating income (NOI).

For a 200,000-square foot office building, paying $2 per square foot for energy, a 10% reduction in energy expense translates into a $40,000 increase in net operating income. At a capitalization rate of 8.0%:

How eAuditPro Reduces Energy Expense

eAuditPro helps building managers make smart investment decisions as they:

  1. Perform a hands-on investigation to understand how their building uses energy. This information provides the basis for comparing alternative efficiency solutions.
  2. Collaborate with contractors to identify a full range of cost savings solutions. Only contractors can provide building-specific solutions with real cost and benefit numbers.
  3. Analyze the full range of available solutions to determine best fit with available budget and ROI objectives.
  4. Download “one mouse click” professional reports.

Investment recommendations merit a thoughtful, thorough and attractive presentation.

Upon completion of these four steps, building managers have the objective information they need to make the best possible investment recommendations.

eAuditPro helps building managers minimize capital investment by supporting multi-year implementation and integration of equipment upgrades into normal repair and maintenance cycles.

Increase Asset Value with eAuditPro.