We – Spicy Auction Templates team – have worked very hard to create the largest professionally designed eBay templates database on the Internet.

To put it simply – this resource is invaluable to any eBay seller as even designing a single template will cost you a substantial amount of money.

The marketing strategies developed over years of personal experience selling on eBay are other part of our service and will give you the edge over other eBay sellers.

Design and marketing services combined create a powerful and unique auction income boosting asset – a must-have for any serious eBay vendor.

Our general concept is -
it doesn't matter what you sell, but...

...How you sell it!

It has been proven over and over again – you can sell ice-cream to an Eskimo if you know how to! Of course, the quality of the product, timely delivery and customer service are the basic must-have’s for any business. But if you have a dingy storefront – your potential customers simply won’t come near you.

...How it looks!

The design – look of your auction listings - is very important to ensure the biggest profit margin. And you – a business person – already know that every dollar not earned is another dollar lost. The solution is a simple one – make your eBay listings look like best selling Internet miniwebsites and use our marketing strategies to test and choose the best option for you!

...Make the customer feel special!

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, YOU are the face of your business. You can walk out and meet the visitors and give them a smile and make them return to your shop again and again. On eBay, the LISTING is the face of your business. Quite simply – if the visitor sees a professionally and nicely formatted listing and doesn’t have to struggle finding the right information in it – the chances of him buying from you are much higher. And he’ll probably add you to his favorite sellers, too!

We truly believe Spicy Auction Templates:

      Make you appear as a professional and organized seller
      Increase your eBay sales amount and also the profit margin
      Increase the amount of repetitive customers
      Make you feel proud about what you're selling!

SpicyAuctionTemplates.com is owned by MLT Publishing and was established in March 2008. We're a small group of young people working hard to help eBay sellers to get most out of their listings. Most of the time we spend in our office but it’s not uncommon for any of the team members to work from home – especially on rainy days.

Our commitment to you...

We have worked hard – and keep on working hard – so that you can enjoy the benefits of Spicy Auction Templates in your eBay business.

To give you the biggest freedom to decide if our service is exactly what you expect, we give everyone a chance to test-drive our product for 56 days.