DENEB, Inc., is a 25-year leader in construction software solutions.  CEO Ken Lykins’ early career as a construction operations manager started the company on the path to develop integrated accounting and job cost software.  The company has developed numerous software modules with unique reporting capability that allows construction managers the ability to see both “snap-shots” of detail, or a “30-thousand foot” overview ranging from a specific job to a company-wide horizon.  DENEB’s third-generation software product, eDENEB, is available as a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) product.  Like other browser-based applications, eDENEB offers companies significant savings, as the software is scalable, and eliminates the cost of servers, software and IT support.  The biggest benefit by far is the ability to connect field operations with the accounting and management functions, 24/7 from a smart phone, lap-top or tablet, or PC.