eDrugstore MD is a safe, secure and discreet online pharmacy that has been serving consumers since 2002. With eDrugstore MD you can trust you are getting the FDA approved brand name medications you know and trust from U.S. licensed pharmacies.

Why People Order Online from e-Drugtore-MD.com

   * Convenience: eDrugstore MD offers a convenient and safe way to fill lifestyle prescriptions in an affordable way.

   * Privacy: eDrugstore MD takes its customers privacy very seriously. You can be assured that your information will not be shared with anyone except the U.S. Physician assigned to you.

   * Excellent Customer Service:eDrugstore MD's friendly customer service department is located in Wilmington, DE. They are available to help you with any questions, concerns or help with your orders. They can be reached Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-8 p.m.

   * Secure Ordering: eDrugstore MD holds your private information in the highest degree of security. They use IDology's ExpectID age and address verification service and complies with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to prevent credit card fraud, hacking and various other security issues.

   * Authentic Medications: eDrugstore MD only ships FDA-approved brand name prescription medications so you know you are getting exactly what you order and not some cheap generic knockoff that might be harmful to your health.

   * Low Prices: eDrugstore MD strives to offer its customers the lowest prices possible.

   * U.S. Licensed Physicians and Pharmacists: eDrugstore MD only employs U.S. licensed Physicians and Pharmacists so you know the kind of service you are getting.