eIMX is one of the largest Privately held Silver Dollar collectors in the world!  We also hold close to 100,000 Pattern, Rolls and Bags of coins graded by PCGS and NGC, as well as coins and Bullion with the "Bache" Trademark, a name that dates back to the early 1800's in the Precious Metals business.  We have operated and had interests in refinerys for close to 40 years.

L. Edward Bache, Sr is the Managing Director of the parent company, "Bache Merchant Bank".

The company recently published RareCoinNews.com to go with its other Media interests including OTCNews.com, and GoogSports.com.

The company also has interests in the oil and Insurance industries, and is partners with some of the worlds largest investors.

The compay is known for purchasing the "Nevada Sinatra Cal Neva Lodge Hoard of Silver Dollars" in 2009, the "H. Long Family of Louisiana and Texas Collection" in 2015, which included several $4 Stellas and $3 Princess Gold Coins, and holds several of the known "High Relief $20 US Gold pieces that are in Mint State Condition.

intelco(tm) is a software developer, web designer and specialist in SEO algorithms that was founded in 1988, and owned since its fouding by the Bank.

The Bank is a "Private" Bank that does not accept deposits and only manages the relatives of the Bache Family's money.

It's Venture Capital Division has invested heavily in over 100 internet companies, taken 12 companies public, and financed several National known branded products, and recently acquired the rights to produce concert promo material ( T Shirts ect..) for over 400 bands that appeared in the 1960's, 70's and 80's.

The company has also invested heavily in the Casino, Nightclub and Restaurant industries.