We are the new division in the company, and we're coming out strong. Say hello to eLead One Digital, where we expand on the eLead CRM "One Company, One Solution" mantra with custom website design, SEO and SEM optimization, reputation management and much more.

Our services are specifically geared to draw customers out of cyberspace and into the showroom! With custom websites, we can design a site to suit even the most discriminating taste. We have a graphic designer on hand to ensure clean professional pictures and sliders. A copywriter guarantees our sites are grammatically correct and easily readable. Blogs are offered as an option, helping dealers push the limits of SEO visibility with custom content.

For examples of our websites, we invite you to visit:


Interested in a compliant site? We can do that as well. 


When contrasted with their non-complaint site ( www.nissanofstaugustine.com ) you'll definitely see the variety of what we at eLead Digital can do.

SEM optimization is the management of the dealership's paid ad results on search engines. These are important because they allow a dealership to target a specific audience, drawing the people who need or want a vehicle to the dealership's website. The more hits a website gets, the more SEO visibility it consequently has.

We give our dealerships the best Reputation Management available in the online world. Customer satisfaction calls are made by the call center to gauge the happiness of the dealership's patrons. If the customer is satisfied, they will be asked to receive and fill out a customer review via email. Some are unwilling to take this step, so we ensure the dealership's good review is heard through a verbal review that is then entered manually. Good reviews aid with SEO visibility, and they push down any bad reviews a dealership may have received.

The Digital Department of eLead is also capable of Social Media Management. That means we will update a dealership's Facebook page, as well as maintain their Facebook Places page so customers can 'Check In.' We also maintain Google Local pages, which pop up when Google searches are run. These are optimized via video and/or a blog and are important because they provide reviews of the dealership.

Data Distribution is a great boon we offer dealerships. With it, we can take the dealer's inventory and feed to literally hundreds of other websites. This optimizes the visibility of the dealership greatly. We are also ready and willing to manage a dealership's Facebook Marketplace page. 

Mobile Marketing, Text Marketing and QR Codes are a few of the next big things in generating leads, and eLead Digital is on top of them all. We provide dealerships the ability to have web sites, ads and email campaigns that are easily visible on today's smartphones. Plus, we give dealerships the option to gain new leads through Text Marketing, what we call Text2Drive, where the dealership can ask consumers to text a certain code to a phone number. Once a consumer does this, they are opted in, and marketing can begin to that person through our CRM. QR Codes can be scanned by smartphones, and the phone will then take the consumer to the dealership's web site. To stay on the cutting edge, we are currently working on customized QR Codes to offer our dealerships.

If all of that weren't enough, eLead One Digital can create customized email blasts and send them en masse through eLead's CRM to just about any configuration of leads. An HTML coder is available to take the dealership's content and build it into a viable email message, including links, pictures, text, headers and footers, all specialized to the dealership. And under the umbrella of email marketing, we are able to provide AutoQuote services to our dealerships. This fully automated service sends out an email in response to a request from the dealership's customer containing information on the automobile in question, plus information on a vehicle one step up and information on a vehicle similar, but not the same, as the one for which information was requested. This provides the dealership's customers with the options necessary to give them control of their buying experience.

As you can see, eLead One Digital is the next step in eLead One CRM's "One Company, One Solution" policy for dealerships, providing all the necessary tools for dealers in this new, digital world.