MatriarchyVnow is an organisation open to all people who support the establishment of matriarchal society, and a new dating system beginning this year (2007AD = 1BR) signifying Year 1 of the Age of Aquarius.

MatriarchyVnow has a non-pyramidal, non-heirarchical structure.

MatriarchyVnow is based upon the discovery in September 2006 (5 years and nine months into the millennium) of the Paradigm Shift of the Millennium. The number 5, in numerology, means "freedom" while nine months means "birth" in human terms, and so together the timing of this discovery means "the birth of a new human Age of Freedom".

MatriarchyVnow supports the name of the newly discovered 10th planet Xena and her moon Gabrielle as they were accepted at 5 years into the millennium at December 2005-January 2006. MatriarchyVnow rejects other possible names as not "the choice of the gods" such as names which "demonise" women or which seek to demean the stature of women universally and regards such abuse of women "written by men in the heavens" as a crime of hubris, punishable by the gods. The "evil men" who have committed hubris have particularly offended, Xena and Gabrielle, the newly proclaimed gods for women and for a new age of freedom, and Pluto, the god of death and of the dead.

MatriarchyVnow supports the expulsion of all men from the Order of the Garter, the highest order in Europe, and its return to its proper state as an order of matriarchal women, of witches, (or the Wicca, meaning the wise women of Britain) and its original value and purpose for matriarchal society , in the form of a coven of covens (13x13), returned to the Order of the Garter.  MatriarchyVnow calls upon the Queen of Britain to recognise that this matriarchal order has been wrongfully and meaninglessly usurped by patriarchy and to recognise the Order of the Garter as an order of matriarchal women in accord with the research of Margaret Mead which exposed these facts before the Queen was born.

MatriarchyVnow encourages all people who are interested in the Paradigm Shift of the Millennium to familiarise themselves with it and with the synchronous events taking place which signify the birth of a a new age which overturns the patriarchal and predominantly Christian Age of the Age of Pisces.

MatriarchyVnow encourages all people who are interested in the Paradigm Shift of the Millennium to focus upon Brighton - Black Rock in the south of Great Britain at 50 degrees North  and at 0 degrees and 07 minutes from the Greenwich time meridian, which signify the light and dark, male and female principles which were joined together ceremonially by Queen Elizabeth II at the millennium to create a magical synchronous focal point for all of humanity.

The Paradigm Shift of the Millennium can be accessed and copied from http://SwordofXena.blogspot.com and it is free to publish.