eShare provide a hosted Board Assurance Solution that improves board effectiveness and delivers substantial cost savings through increased efficiency and reduced administrative burden.

Part of our solution is BoardPacks the Board Portal that simplifies the whole meeting management process; access agendas, documents, attendees, meeting details, surveys and meeting actions in one centralised space. Mobile access to board papers is made available via the BoardPacks app.

We provide a total Board Assurance Solution with a range of modules available, from an online knowledge store, to a manager of risks, decisions and procedures.

BoardPacks - Meeting management solution delivering time and cost saving benefits by simplifying the whole meeting process. View meeting papers on your iPad with the BoardPacks App.

eKnowledge - Online collaborative knowledge store. Categorise and securely store documents, set up alerts to be notified when a document is changed, and maintain version history.

eProcedures - Ensure all procedures are followed; create an audit trail and allocate mandatory steps; procedures become easier to manage and follow.

eDecisions - Centralised, collaborative platform for contributing to good decision making. Increase transparency to the decision making process through audit trails.

eControls - Create a comprehensive, centrally accessible, living risk register. Risk management software to ensure risks are identified, managed and reviewed.