It is a known fact that delinquent tax filers and/or payers regularly experience a downward spiral of increasing stress, mounting debt, fear and adverse collection action.

eTax Relief provides assistance to these Individuals and Businesses, offering solutions to problematic Federal and State Tax Obligations. Our partners have been helping taxpayers for more than 30 years.

Through collection representation services and an increasing array of self-help products, eTax Relief offers the promise of a fresh start by getting taxpayers back on track with their filings and/or resolving or settling their tax liabilities.

eTax Relief Mission Statement:
Our number one value is people; our customers, employees and business partners.
Our firm strives to be an industry leader by remaining vocal and active in the business community.
We are committed to creating a brand that people associate with quality, reliability and fairness.
It is our vision to grow and meet our goals, by helping others to achieve theirs.