Knowledge HQ, Inc. is a Boulder, CO based company committed to providing the finest and most comprehensive online learning programs available for Kindergarten through grade tweleve students.  The flagship program, eTutor Virtual Learning is an accredited online curricular program that is establishing the benchmark for expectations in online learning.  

eTutor has been used by over 10,000 students from around the world.  The results being achieved by eTutor are remarkable:

•     eTutor has been proven through studies to be effective for early readers.  Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois conducted documented research showing that third graders using eTutor made significant gains in reading scores over their fellow students in a single school year, resulting in improved test scores on a widely used standardized test (Gates-MacGinitie).
•     Schools have demonstrated eTutor’s effectiveness as a remediation tool with slow learners and students in alternative programs.  Low-performing high school students have defied predictions by using eTutor to learn to read and write with ease.
•     eTutor is a proven tool for English Language Learners.  Economically disadvantaged children with Limited English Proficiency achieve reading and writing fluency in less time than thought possible.

eTutor’s team is led by an experienced group of educators recognized for their excellence in education and collaboration with universities and school districts throughout the country.  The program is backed by educators and parents from across the country and supported by programmers trained in the latest internet technologies.  eTutor has the program and capacity to help students master essential skills in learning.

The eTutor Virtual Learning Program enables students to work on their lessons from home, school, library or any other location where they have access to a computer with an Internet connection.  Parents can check student progress through their own unique login and password. As a result, students and their parents will see improvement faster…. building student confidence.  

The eTutor advantage means students receive a better learning value while improving their self image and confidence.  eTutor is the best online learning solution available.  

Beginning in 1998, eTutor established a new, higher standard for delivering fully integrated, superior learning over the Internet for grades K through 12. eTutor provides three essential tools that are necessary in order for the Internet to become an effective tool in the teaching-learning process.

•     First, eTutor offers a data bank of lessons in the four major curricular areas – mathematics, language arts, science and social studies.   The curricular areas are divided further into 23 subject areas.  The K-12 grade levels are divided into four groups – Primary: K to grade 2, Intermediate: grades 3 to 5, Middle/Jr. High:grades 6 to 8, and High School: grades 9 to12.

•     Second, eTutor gives educators the tools to track student progress, modify and create new lessons, and customize the type of virtual community that works best for their own instructional program.

•     Third, eTutor creates a virtual educational community of learners – linking students, parents, educators and administrators.  

Instructional content is aligned to standards created by eTutor as well as the National Goals for Learning and Core Standards.  eTutor has developed technologies that use the resources of the Internet in a unique way to transform and personalize web-based learning for students and the adults that work with them.  Students from large or small schools, urban or rural, homes, institutions and/or organizations benefit from the customized approach that is based on achievement, interest and learning style. The sophisticated interactive program is designed to increase knowledge in a collaborative, seamless learning environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning.  eTutor’s vision is to set the standard for K–12 learning over the Internet by providing an affordable, quality interactive instructional resource that makes abstract concepts tangible, relevant and viable.  

The rich and varied instructional content of the vast library of eTutor lesson modules is the basis for eTutor Virtual School and Learning Community.  eTutor requires no plug-in or complicated downloads for users; it is designed for the basic computer user.  The benefits of eTutor are significant:

•     Increased access to education
•     Increased access to best content
•     Decreased instructional materials costs
•     Increased student and teacher effectiveness