eWater Advantage is committed to providing customers with technology solutions that make harsh and potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals unnecessary. The marketplace is growing increasingly concerned about the use of products that compromise the health of people – be they workers, customers, patients, students, athletes or children. Numerous studies have linked chemical compounds in hundreds of cleaning and sanitizing products to a wide variety of health consequences. From skin burns, to eye damage, to respiratory troubles – plus the long-term effects of chemicals known to be endocrine disruptors – the need for better, safer products and processes is obvious.

Beyond the impact on people, equal concern exists for the health of the environment. Of the billions of pounds of cleaning & sanitizing chemicals sold annually in the United States, much of the residue simply ends up in the soil, water and air of our planet. Responsible businesses are choosing to minimize the impact on their employees, their customers and this planet we all share by moving away from known hazards.

eWater Advantage works to educate and equip business with the means for making a difference. Engineered water technology – from electrolyzed water to aqueous ozone – delivers something remarkable and unexpected. Cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing-disinfecting products that contain no surfactants – no added chemical compounds. No toxic poisons, no corrosive agents. No lingering residues left on table tops, no lasting impact on soil or water. These are products that, once used, revert back to their natural elements – truly leaving no footprint behind. And as these are installed systems they cost-effective produce the products on-premises – that eliminates packaging waste, the handling of especially hazardous concentrates and the constant over-the-road transport of millions of packages. Now doesn’t that sound like a better way? It matters.