eZassi is a trailblazer in providing the first fully automated software solution for innovation procurement and idea collaboration.   As Enterprises strive to socialize and accelerate R&D in order to sustain robust new product pipelines, eZassi’s Open Innovation collaboration engine is increasingly used to bridge both internal and external ideation and automatically manage and organize the fuzzy front end of ideation so that actionable projects and products can be identified more rapidly and with less time and costs.  eZassi’s InnoVision™ software platform provides a single gateway of entry for all parties looking to collaborate and connect directly with enterprises while uniquely mitigating the legal risks of external ideation by using Intelligent automated idea capture methodologies and structuring unstructured data.  Coupled with downstream smart data analytics to triage ideas faster and secure data integration into other enterprise applications such as PLM makes the eZassi a new standard in open innovation. For more information contact us at info@ezassi.com