AAPPEAL (An Absolute Passion for Performance, Engagement, Analytics and Leadership) strives to eliminate the gaps in corporate business performance by equipping professionals of color with strategies and skills to be seen, heard, and valued in the corporate workplace. This is critical during an era when so many of them feel deflated, unsure, and confused of how to turn their situation around from being stuck and limited.

Founded by Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter, PhD, AAPPEAL specializes in working with those who want to elevate their opportunities in the workplace. Dr. E is the only corporate elevation strategist who utilizes an innovative 3-step, Elevate your Corporate Value System to support, guide, and equip them with the tools so there are no gaps on their career acceleration path.

Dr. E stands alongside them to take control of their career which can propel their progression up, across, or even out if necessary! Navigating corporate America is difficult. Dr. E ensures that these professionals of color will always know they can grow their career and make an impact in the process.