Eagle was founded in New Zealand over 10 years ago, growing rapidly to now supply approximately 80% of the primary food processing Industry in New Zealand with responsibly sourced disposable gloves and protective clothing. The founder of Eagle, Steve Ardagh, relocated to the US in January 2016, with the intent of bringing Eagle's advanced philosophy around the supply of disposable clothing to the US Food Processing and Service Sectors.

Our business has been founded on honesty and integrity, only sourcing our products from like-minded manufacturers. Having visited many glove manufacturing factories with poor hygiene and labor conditions, we have grown in our desire to only work with those factories who look after their workers, contribute to their communities, and reduce their environmental impact.

Eagle has been a certified B Corp since 2012 and is the world’s only disposable glove and clothing specialist to be B Corp certified!

We are proudly Child Labor Free certified to Manufacturing level for a specific range of products, further assurance to our customers that our products have been sourced ethically, protecting their reputation. We are committed to supplying chain transparency, from the testing of product raw materials, to delivery of our products at your facility.

A key part of our supply chain is to visit our manufacturers regularly to check product manufacturing standards, quality controls, worker conditions and their environmental impact.

In addition, we audit our factories through our Supplier Code of Conduct, which measures labor conditions, environmental impact, and quality control. Before partnering with any new suppliers, they must pass our audit process - a key part of our supply chain.

Eagle products are single-sourced, Fingerprint Checked* (FPC) and lot certified safe to ensure manufacturing and product consistency. You receive the same product, same raw material and same manufacturing process every time.

Our Fingerprint Check certification process aims to ensure against the risk of contamination or change in raw materials during manufacturing, providing you consistent product quality to protect your brand/products. Supplier and raw material consistency are essential for food safe glove quality and performance.

We are committed to working with our customers to reduce the impact of their business, through correct product selection, dispensing and technology (especially during manufacturing).

With expertise on correct product selection and best use, together with an improved quality of products, Eagle can reduce the environmental impact of your business - reducing product failure and waste, and associated disposal costs.