Earthly Mist opened in Roland, Oklahoma in the wake of growing demand for Kratom, an alternative to opioid painkillers.

ROLAND, Okla., April 12, 2017 – Earthly Mist opened its doors on 4/10/2017 to provide the natural opioid alternative painkiller Kratom to Oklahoma and Arkansas residents concerned about the growing opioid epidemic.

“Kratom has gone from a little-known herbal tea to a hot topic in pain research,” said LeJuan Williams. “It’s long been known as an effective painkiller across Southeast Asia and scientists here are discovering that it’s an effective alternative to opioid painkillers. It also seems to help people who are already struggling with opioid addiction to overcome it.”

Chemist Susruta Majumdar at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center who is working on Kratom painkiller research was quoted in a recent Scientific American article explaining why he is excited about the herbal drug’s properties: “The mitragynine molecules from kratom seem to activate mostly the “good” [painkilling] systems, leaving behind the unwanted effects yet keeping pain relief.”

The American Society of Addiction Medicine reported that 20,101 people died in America in 2015 as a result of prescription opioid painkiller overdoses. Williams thinks Kratom could lead to a significant reduction in these deaths if it were more widely studied and used.

“More than 50 million Americans struggle with chronic pain every day, and a lot of those people end up dependent on opioid painkillers, with the well-studied and publicized addictions and deaths,” said Williams, “On the other hand, Kratom has been used traditionally for hundreds of years and the scientific evidence about its painkilling properties is extremely exciting.”

Kratom teas and herbal supplements come from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree related to the coffee plant, and it does have its critics. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration wants the substance controlled nationwide and attributes 14 deaths to the supplement. Upon further investigation reported by National Public Radio, however, those deaths were found to involve other addictive drugs.

As of April 2017, Kratom is legal in 44 states including Oklahoma. The herb was banned in Arkansas in February 2016, but advocacy and legislative efforts are ongoing to have the ban reversed or modified.

“Earthly Mist provides Kratom in Oklahoma, but we also field a lot of calls and get many visitors from over the border in Arkansas,” said Williams. “The fact is, we’ve seen lives changed for the better by using Kratom as a painkiller instead of opioids, and we look forward to helping more people.”

Earthly Mist is located at 707 South Roland Road, Suite 3 in Roland, Oklahoma, just 5 miles west of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. They provide pure, high-quality Kratom and other supplements as natural painkillers. Scientists are finding Kratom a viable, safer alternative to opioid painkillers. To learn more, visit https://www.earthlymist.com/ and check out their blog or call 918-503-6555