A White Dove Release is designed to enhance special events by adding a touch of grace and beauty on the wings of snow white doves.

We are a Christian; family owned and operated White Dove Release business located in San Antonio, Texas.

We began raising and training white doves about six years ago after acquiring 40 of these beautiful birds from a friend. We spend many hours training and caring for our birds to ensure their health, safety, and ability to perform at many functions.  

Our birds are vaccinated yearly, treated for parasites regularly, and fed a diet formulated for their specific needs.  We arrive on time, are polite, and dressed appropriately for all events. We pride ourselves on the professional appearance and performance of our staff and our birds.

Doves were used as symbols of purity, prosperity, and good luck as early as 5000 B. C.  In ancient times a white dove was often given to the groom as a wedding gift from his bride as a symbol of her love, fidelity, and commitment. Doves are mentioned in the bible and often represent the purity of God’s Holy love. It was a dove that returned to Noah carrying an olive branch, bringing with it hope and the promise of new beginnings. As a sign of His love and approval God appeared in the form of a dove at the baptism of Jesus.
Throughout the world in every major religion, these beautiful white birds represent peace, love, and hope. Their grace and beauty add a touch of elegance to any occasion from the grandest affair to the most intimate ceremony.

Doves mate for life. They share the responsibilities of making a new home, raising a family, and facing life’s challenges as individual families and as a group (or flock). The Doves are a living symbol of love, devotion, and commitment to both family and community.

A single dove rising gracefully from the hands of a loved on at a graveside represents the souls release from earthly bonds free to fly with the angels on a journey that ends in the peaceful embrace of God's loving arms. This last memory of a loved one making a final journey often brings a moment of peace to a grieving heart.

A white dove release is symbolic and breathtaking touch for any event.