Earthy Roots Ltd. is a small business in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK that produces honey and bee related products such as lip balm and beeswax. We are currently developing a range of cosmetic products.

We have been beekeeping for nearly ten years it is a fulfilling and unpredictable hobby. It has been a truly unique experience allowing us to understand nature from a new perspective. It opens your eyes to the importance of bees and how many crops rely on the humble insect. I started by a chance meeting with a lovely couple who kept bees. They taught me how to inspect a hive and how to maintain the equipment. More importantly they educated my in bee husbandry, looking out for disease and monitoring the development of a hive. Sadly they both passed away donating all of their equipment and knowledge to me. I have continued to develop my practices and have expanded the colonies and sites to create Earthy Roots Ltd.

Our bees feed of a range of wild flora. The Glatton Apiary will feed from clover to buttercups and various varieties of garden flowers in the local village. The main nectar flow from oil seed rape occurs around May/June. The field is covered with blackberry brambles which ensure a late strong nectar flow. The nettles and thistles flower later which produces a further nectar flow with ivy being in flower as far as late November.