Hot pop artist Linda Wood continues to make phenomenal music.  If Kate Bush had balls she might sound like Linda Wood.

What do you get when you merge Doris Day and Rickie Lee Jones? You get melodic, electric, and sassy quirk pop – or better defined Linda Wood. This Australian singer continues to develop and grow her fan base worldwide. Step into Linda’s musical world to access an experience like never before.

Linda Wood has been described as the “complete package.” When she engages her audience they love her. She comes off as warm, friendly, and soothing. To sum it up she’s vocally wholesome! Intertwining Jazz, Theatre, and Pop, Linda’s music is described as “silk to the eyes, ears, and throat.” As she continues to rise above the rest keep your eyes peeled on Linda Wood.

Linda’s latest single ,“Boat and Sail” subtitled, “You Be the Boat,” is simply amazing. This love song reaches down and touches your heart and soul in a way that inspires companionship. Boat and Sail is such a smooth and intriguing track that it feels cinematic. Leaving your heart glowing, with genuine beauty Linda Wood has outdone herself. This amazing single is available worldwide on iTunes February, 1 2011.

“Linda Wood is a talented artist. Her music is pure and you can listen for hours on end,” says James Moore Chairman/CEO of MooreSuccess Inc. Be sure to check out Linda Wood on social networks like Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube for more details. You can also visit her ReverbNation page for booking and upcoming shows.