Eat Now is a new kind of restaurant discovery app that learns your taste over time. No need to search, type or filter. Simply open the app and the best restaurants nearby are presented right away. Eat now recommends restaurants based on time of day,personal preference and current location.

Time of Day:Eat-Now recommends different venues for dining at different time of day. For example, one will get recommendations for lunch from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM and recommendations for dinner 3 or 4 hours later. In the afternoon, places for afternoon tea, hot chocolate and such are more likely to be listed and after dinnertime, recommendations for pubs and clubs are more likely to appear.

Personal Preference: Eat-Now is an adaptive app which continuously learns your personal preference. It does not only learn the types of cuisines one frequently have, but also one’s budget and taste. Preference. The more you use the app, the more accurate results you will get.

Location: Most search results are located within walking distance from one’s current position that’s why we call it Eat Now. Eat Now also offers an in-app map to guide you to restaurant, bar, café, or any place of your choice.

If you are one of those who often get confused by hundreds of choices from yelp, or simply want to have a great variation of meals every day, the Eat Now app is the perfect companion for you. Stop searching restaurants like a caveman. Be SMART in restaurant searching with the Eat Now App.