EazeWork provides SaaS applications for SMEs on a SaaS platform.  Various business functions like HR, Sales, Payroll are covered by these applications and the company is continuously developing applications for all the areas typically needed by a SME.
EazeWork’s offerings are designed for SMEs, customers stand to gain from the three primary offerings which are –
1.     Subscription:  all applications are available on a monthly subscription package wherein the company is charged on a monthly basis for the number of users which are using the application. Additionally the customers can increase the number of users at any point of time. Free trials are available for all applications for a limited number of users and a limited period, this allows the users to try out the features before they buy the application
2.     Support:  All paying subscribers have access to a dedicated EazeWork Customer Manager who is available on email for all queries. Besides this phone and chat support is available from 10am to 7 pm.
3.     Services: Professional services like Data Migration, Training, Quick Start, Archival are available to companies. These services complement the usage of business applications and are can be used on a one off basis.

Advantages of EazeWork
-     Affordability: monthly subscriptions instead of buying perpetual licenses
-     Flexibility: customers can increase the number of users any time incrementally even with one user
-     Features: applications are continuously updated and the features which users vote are added with no additional cost
-     Reliability: hosted on cloud based data center the performance of applications is monitored 24x7 and issues are proactively monitored and resolved
-     Predictability: total costs which the customers have to pay are known in a clear and transparent manner allowing the companies to predict their IT expenditure

EazeWork is promoted by a team of four professionals who have individually more than 15 years of experience across ERP, application development, business consulting, project management and customer service. The applications are built using industry best practices and are configurable to meet company’s specific requirements.