American Immigration Group- NYRC, LLC (AIG) is experienced in structuring and managing the fund raises for qualified EB-5 projects. AIG develops EB-5 projects in the USA, working with pristine real estate developers, EB-5 attorneys and economists to bring the most secure EB-5 projects on the market. AIG's principals have been involved in over $700 million of EB-5 project funding, and have over 50 years of combined real estate development experience in the United States.
AIG is a trust worthy company. We have safe investment structures for investors and we look after the investor’s interest. We have a presence around the world through established partners with local implacable reputation.
We do not mislead our investors through false claims, false assurances that are not possible or permitted by laws and regulations in the USA and we do not give guarantees for an investment that cannot and should not be guaranteed
We make sure our projects are safe by either collateralizing our loan or making sure through our affiliate JSF Capital that we have an established lending institution (bank or government) sufficiently committed (not guaranteed) to refinance the EB-5 loan after maturity.
We have proven to be honest and upfront about procedures, time frames and risks involved in EB-5 investments and we are here to stay, our investors are the core of our business and we make sure to offer all the support and the need before they make an investment, during the investment and after the investment.
We partner with different companies in the US that offer a wide range of services to assist our investors when they start their new life in the USA