Your Eye Guide is an independent information website which covers eye health related topics as well as eyewear, eye surgery and treatments.

Users can join the forum to meet like-minded people or subscribe to the monthly newsletter and read the latest eye health news.  The ‘find’ pages offer a directory of UK laser eye surgery clinics (as well as clinics offering other eye treatments) and opticians, by town/region.

The website is split into several guides including:

Laser Eye Surgery
Laser eye surgery is essentially a cosmetic procedure, which can help reduce dependency on glasses and contact lenses.  This for some people can have a dramatic effect on their self-esteem and quality of life.  Your Eye Guide does not however promote any type of surgery or treatment, it is purely an information resource.  The Laser Eye Surgery Guide enables readers to find out how they can benefit from lasik, prk and other commonly performed laser procedures.  There is a discussion of the latest types of laser vision correction including wavefront and intralase.  There is also a list of potential risks and recovery times so that people can make an informed decision about their laser eye treatment.  All of the guidelines are independent and readers can join the forum to discuss their experiences and read what other people have to say about their laser eye surgery experiences.

Are you worried about the appearance of your eyes and are you considering eyelid surgery? Your Eye Guide features a section dedicated to eyelid surgery.  A clear explanation is given as to what the surgery entails and what qualifications and accreditation your surgeon should have.  Unlike websites promoting their cosmetic surgery procedures, Your Eye Guide lays out all the facts so that you know what questions to ask the surgeon and how to prepare, without promotion.

Cataract Surgery
Most of us know somebody who has had a cataract operation.  Unfortunately, with age the eyes natural lens becomes clouded and requires replacing to enable clear vision.  Your Eye Guide explains exactly what the operation entails so that you understand why you may require the surgery and what the effects are if you decide to leave the cataract in place.

Buying contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses over the Internet is a huge industry.  In Your Eye Guide you can find out exactly what you should be looking for, from frames to suit your face shape to sunglasses that block out harmful UV rays.

Other Guides
Within Your Eye Guide there are lots more unique guides to eye conditions and problems.  If you are experiencing blurred vision or are worried about the amount of time you are spending at your computer and the effects its is having on your eyesight, you can search Your Eye Guide for all the latest eye health news, packed into one website.