E-Book Systems (www.flipviewer.com, http://www.ebooksys.com/) was founded in 1998 with a mission to bring the natural look and feel of the paper-based book into the domain of consumer products, computers and the Internet. E-Book Systems’ products make use of its patented Digital Flip® technology to deliver multimedia content such as digital photographs, animations, text, audio and music via a 3-D page-flipping interface, which appears as a virtual book. These contents could be streamed or delivered online and offline through E-Book Systems’ OpenFlip™ format. E-Book Systems also offers Digital Rights Management, FlipBook tracking ASP services and Flip Enterprise solutions for publishers and corporations. E-Book Systems, a private on-going corporation has offices in Beijing, China and Singapore. E-Book Systems’ products are distributed worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific Region. For more information, contact E-Book Systems at (65) 6258-6100 or info@ebooksys.com.