eBrokerHouse is a technology firm that develops back-office and transaction management software solutions for entire real estate offices as well as individual agents. EBH software allows its users to work paperless, without boundaries, and much more efficiently.


The eBrokerHouse Agent Solution is the most cutting edge management system for individual agents and their teams that exists. Real Estate Professionals can manage and streamline their entire real estate business under the eBrokerHouse roof. This web based solution caters to traditional, short sale, REO, or any combination of business you may have. Don't get stuck using several softwares to manage the different aspects of your business. You are an agent with many needs when it comes to managing your business and we understand that you need a flexible software that can meet all of those needs.

No longer will you need to be tied to your desk and to your paper files. Moving to a web based system to manage your listings, buyers, leads, tasks, documents, offers, showings, and more will allow you to work much more efficiently, more productively, and from anywhere.


The Office Solution allows entire real estate offices to implement the innovative EBH back-office and transaction management system. With the Office Solution, offices of all sizes can operate completely virtual and nearly paperless if they choose to.

Implementing this solution into your operations will allow you to greatly increase your office's efficiency and production while also bolstering agent recruitment and retention. With the office Solution, each agent in the office gets an agent solution account.  In addition to the agent solution features mentioned above, agents will be able to submit thier files to the office for review and storage.

To compete in today's real estate market, you need to offer your agents and staff the most cutting edge technologies available. With the EBH Office Solution that's exactly what you would be doing. The office staff and all agents will be connected to the office and its contents from anywhere at any time. This is priceless.

You can also eliminate most of the high expenses associated with a traditional brick and mortar office. This very affordable solution truly provides you with the real estate office of tomorrow. Why wait? Step into the future today and gain a huge advantage over your competition.


We offer a free 30 day trial (no payment info needed). So please visit www.ebrokerhouse.com today to get started or contact us via phone or email if you have any questions.

We have the best customer support in the business. We will be happy to walk you through a personalized demo of the program so that you can learn how it will work for your unique business needs.