Maintaining a sparkling set of pearly whites has been made more affordable than ever thanks to the launch of a new subscription box from eBrushForEveryone.com, which offers affordable dental care to all without compromising on quality.

“First impressions count—and more importantly, dental health can affect general health. We wanted to make electric toothbrushes affordable. A good one can cost as much as $200, with replacement heads costing up to $8—that’s simply too much,” explained the CEO of the company. “We wanted to make dental care affordable for all—and improve the nation’s smiles, one mouth at a time. We also wanted to make it effortlessly easy, which is why we are offering our product as a subscription box, delivered automatically.”

eBrushForEveryOne’s subscription box offers a high quality electric toothbrush for just $29, along with three replacement brushes and three dental floss packs. Subscribers only pay 99 cents every three months to enjoy automatic brush replacements.