eBSEG "e-Business Solutions Enabling Group", is a Global premier solution provider for omni-channel eBusiness solutions. A company specialized & a premier provider for front-end, Omni Channel Platform since 2000 in  North America and EMEA.

We provide Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform, CEEP™, One UNIFIED Platform Addressing All Channels Seamlessly.
eBSEG Omni-channel solutions include (Unified Solution Platform and Unified Customer Experience – No Learning between Channels) and initiate a transaction on a mobile or tablet device and complete it on another banking channel such as phone banking or ATM.

eBSEG services include product design, implementation, customization, integration, IT Consultancy and outsourcing.

our Omnichannel solutions include etrading, einsurance, Digital Banking, eself service, patient assistance, customer assistance and mobile queuing solutions.