JoAnn Bills                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/15/14

E-Buyer Marketplace Recently Launched New Website

Alpena, Michigan: E-Buyer Marketplace is an interactive and engaging website that acts as an online marketplace for books and e-books and products. The website provides a simple solution to selling, buying, trading, and discussing books. It also allows individuals to easily organise with one another and meet people in the local area for books.

The E-buyer Marketplace website acts as an alternative to buying books on Ebay or Amazon. The main difference is that this marketplace is focused solely on e-books and products. With an easy to use website and thousands of available books and products, users are guaranteed to find an e-book or product suited to them.

In order to create an account at the E-buyer Marketplace, individuals must pay a low annual fee of $24.00. This gives them the permission to open a free online bookstore directly on the website. They can sell thousands of books including, e-books, hardcovers, softcovers, and private labels. Members can easily control their community activity, buying, and selling through their E-Buyer Marketplace account. Any profits made by an online seller are theirs to keep.

E-buyer Marketplace is a user-friendly website that is available in various languages and can be shown on most electronic devices, including Android and iOS. For one low annual fee, individuals can start their own online bookstore, sell a thousand products, and create their own online business.