Loren Data Corp offers EDI Network Operations via a Web Services interface, called ECGridOS. ECGridOS is the industry’s only software programmable, pure EDI Communications Service Delivery Platform.

Our advanced host network, ECGrid® is the preferred interconnect and routing platform for large B2B Service Providers, B2B Cloud Commerce providers, such as SPS Commerce, Covalentworks, Energy Services Group,  Trubiquity, and many other well known names in SAAS multi-tenant supplier enabling hosted services and systems. Loren Data ECGrid client’s service thousands of EDI Mailboxes on their systems, provide first line, first rate support to their end-users, and rely on us to provide the backbone of their commerce network messaging.

ECGridOS is designed for Multi Tenant platforms managing thousands of mailboxes, and tens of thousands of Trading Partner relationships. B2B platforms hosting many virtual, segmented B2B communities must have a method of managing message traffic and parter identities in a rational, hierarchical, and interoperable manner; and this is it, we made ECGridOS for you Cloud Cowboys and EDI Bandit Queens. Go and start the next B2B revolution with your ECGridOS network.

Get a full appreciation for the ECGridOS API by perusing the API Docs at ECGridOS.net.  Free Developer Accounts are available.

About Loren Data Corp
Loren Data Corp was founded in 1987, and has operated ECGrid since 2001, serving B2B innovators, such as SPS Commerce, Covalentworks, Energy Services Group, and Trubiquity, with many other systems in development .
ECGrid has over 18,000 active trading partner ID’s and interconnections to dozens of ecommerce service providers and VANs totaling  600,000 EDI Addressable ID’s. ECGridOS has the only API accessible directory service allowing resolution of name to trading partner ID. Loren Data Corp is a pure communications provider, concentrating on delivering the best message handling in the business, we do not sell solutions, software, or provide integration consulting to end-users –  we simply provide the best EDI Network Services to the professional B2B service provider.