eChemclo2 represents a Missouri USA built line of electrochemical chlorine dioxide generators that create a neutral pH,non-ionic ClO2 solution that is optimal for applications with persistent, even historic microbial issues. Chlorine dioxide penetrates and kills these organisms using an entirely different mechanism than the common antimicrobials, actually seeking out the target organisms via an attraction to the disulfide linkages in the cell walls... once the organism is found, due to ClO2's small molecular size as a "true gas in solution", the gas penetrates the cell walls seeking a common concentration on both sides of the wall.  Once inside, a "single electron transfer" changes the permeability of some of the components inside the cell; as a result, the cell quickly dies.

But wait... ClO2 has 5 electrons, only one has been used to kill the target organism; what about the rest?  The remaining 4 electrons are now consumed in oxidation reactions with various metal oxides, the most common of which is iron oxide (rust) along with sulfurous compounds which cause the "rotten egg" smell some processes are known by.  ClO2 only completes the oxidation of DAMAGED/ OXIDIZED metals; the ones that are typically found near or on the heat exchange surfaces, reducing the efficient transfer of heating and cooling activities.  That's right... these are the ones that COST YOU MONEY!  ClO2 cleans and breaks down these insulators, removing them and cleaning your distribution system.

Do you have dissolved iron/ red water issues?  ClO2 converts the ferrous to ferric and from soluble to insoluble, bringing the iron out of solution as a much larger molecule that can now be filtered out... result?  Clean water, rust-free surfaces, efficient transfer of temperature and no further damage to your piping!