Is it really just like smoking?


You'll find that the electronic cigarette looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. (It's a little heavier, but we find most people get used to that very quickly.)

When you inhale on an electronic cigarette you take in a water vapour. The smoke effect is created by Propylene Glycol, which is also used in stage smoke. Propylene Glycol is a very safe substance which is also used in drinking water, air-conditioners, asthma inhalers and cosmetics.

Crucially, though, no combustion takes place. And that means none of the smoke and tar that causes smoking diseases.

Superior Design:

   Steel casing in cartridges avoids the breakages and overheating suffered by other models.
   Two part e-cigarette model means the product is very easy to use.
   Inbuilt dual coil atomisers produces more vapour and more throat hit.

Focus on Safety:

   Cartridge contents are tested by Swiss Testing Group SGS.
   Sample cartridges have been sent to a UK government lab to check contents are pure and that packaging is child proof.
   Batteries are ROHS compliant.
   ECHO e-cigs comply with all EU Regulations
   UK Trading Standards compliant.

Superior Quality:

We are a member of The Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (ECITA) and undergo twice yearly audits to maintain membership. We have achieved ECITA’s Industry Standard of Excellence (ISE).

A Trading Standards officer has described the ISE as “…a Code any industry would be proud to have.”
UK Based Company:

ECHO Ecigs are based in Gower, South Wales.
One Year Warranty:

While we hope you won’t need to use it, all our products are covered by a one year warranty. In the unlikely event you have a problem with a product, we’ll replace it quickly and without a fuss.

Trading Standards have found high levels of nicotine in some products, and lead in some batteries. These products are removed from sale when found. Some retailers get around Trading Standard’s regulations by being based overseas. We advise potential e-cig users to buy from a UK source approved by ECITA.

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