Combining social media posts with geographic data, Echosec delivers a unique way of displaying real-time, user-driven information about natural disasters, wars, and other global events. Echosec will change the way you see the world.

The software is a social media mapping platform that provides intelligence to law enforcement, security, marketing, and journalism professionals.

Echosec released its alpha engine in 2013, which experienced significant uptake globally and attracted international press. Active users describe searching the social layer as simple, useful and valuable while most are still surprised at the absolute real-time and relevant results.

Echosec goes beyond commonly used search tools and enables the user to capture, curate, manage, process and visualize data in an entirely new way. The implications of this technology in a constantly evolving social and mobile society are enormous.

The application is a cloud-based, multi-language data aggregation and analytics solution with a dynamic browser-based client. This allows anyone around the world to access it from their web browser with a standard internet connection.

Our team is specialized in Internet-related services and products. These include search, social networking, software, cloud computing, data integration, geographic information systems, security, intelligence and big data.

Echosec will change the way you see your world. #SearchBetter #MapSocial