Echosec Systems builds powerful yet simple tools that bridge the information gap between traditional security and modern threats. Our mission is to make the world's public data more accessible so people are safer and companies are better informed.

Our tools, Echosec and Beacon, are designed to help you navigate the hidden corners of the internet to discover and respond to digital and physical risks.

Using Echosec, you can travel the world in seconds and instantly see what's happening on the ground via the millions of social media and news posts being published every minute. You can add filters and save searches to be alerted when specific content is posted.

With Beacon, you can quickly and safely search the deep web, dark web, and inaccessible surface web using an interface as straightforward as a common search engine. Find key information directly within your regular browser, and quickly identify threats.

Security teams worldwide trust Echosec Systems to provide a critical layer of information about unfolding events. Whether the event is a natural disaster, a violent threat, or a planned attack against a high-risk individual, the Echosec Systems Platform provides situational awareness and real time information that mitigates risk, minimizes damage, and keeps people and organizations safe.