About 70% of smokers wish they could quit, but in reality less than 20% of smokers, who attempt, can actually do quit. The company offers unique eCigIQ™ Nicotine Reduction Program to help smokers to reduce their daily nicotine intake while keeping them in their “comfort zone”. For this purpose smoker will use disposable e-cigarettes with soft tip and about the size of tobacco cigarette to duplicate the act of smoking. Every month the amount of nicotine will be reduced by 25%. Our focus is not to promote recreational e-smoking (or vaping) but give smokers structured plan how to start to break nicotine addiction. While this is not a program to quit smoking, it can be first important step in the right direction.
What does make our company unique? We are family operated business based in New Jersey. We believe in a “Win-Win” formula: our goal is to provide our customers with something that has outstanding benefit and value through our unique program and product. We strive to earn customer’s trust and establish a long term relationship.