Eclipse Automation is a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the solar, health sciences, transportation, consumer/industrial and telecommunications/electronic industries. Eclipse Automation partners with companies worldwide to build efficient and profitable assembly and testing operations.

Eclipse Automation presently operates from a vertically integrated ISO 9001 registered manufacturing site. With a workforce of over 175 employees in Cambridge ON, Eclipse provides in-house system design, fabrication, system integration and commissioning capability. Eclipse engineers and skilled trade’s people are experts in manufacturing technology including precision assembly, robot integration, welding and material handling technology.

Focused on establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers, Eclipse Automation’s end-to-end integration services encompass all phases of an automation program including pre-automation services, project management, and post installation support. Eclipse consultants assist customers in project planning, design for manufacturing and risk management. Eclipse offers comprehensive post installation support plans including training, spare parts management, process optimization, and long term service agreements.

Eclipse maintains a registered ISO 9001 quality management system to further meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders while having accreditation with the Canadian Welding Bureau, the Controlled Goods Program and the Electrical Safety Authority.