Our range of chemical free and environmentally safe cleaning products use the latest techniques in biotechnology to efficiently manage and clean environments where harmful chemicals and synthetic products have become unacceptable and fail to provide an effective and environmentally secure solution.

Our powerful 'superior bacteria' can radically reduce wasted energy costs for any business, large or small. We can improve the efficiency, reduce costs as well as help reduce environmental footprints and the impact on the environment with our unique range of microbial based products.

All eco-works® products are developed and manufactured in the UK and EC to have minimal to zero COSHH requirements and comply with the latest EU standards and are all fully REACH compliant. Our products are strictly manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 and in addition many of our products are sought after by companies and institutions wishing to attain ISO 14001 compliance.

We are all now more aware of the harm many conventional cleaning chemicals do to our environment and the user. Whilst often very good at removing surface soiling temporarily, all fail to clean any deeper e.g. into the nooks and crannies of flooring joints, grouting and into the hard and soft surfaces, leaving much of the dirt in situ and their chemical residue to accumulate. Dirt then seeps back to the surface to re-soil and to be re-colonised by indigenous bacteria that can then create foul odours.

Eco-Works Microbial cleaners clean much deeper and work continuously 24/7, excluding negative bacteria and improving the health and appearance of any surface.

More and more businesses are now insisting that only chemical free products with no HazChem labelling are to be used in their establishments for a cleaner, healthier & safer environment.

Eco-Works Microbial Liquids:
Advanced Microbial Multi-Surface Cleaner
Odour Eliminator
Concrete and Hard Surface Cleaner

All these liquidsare proven microbial 'probiotic'  products containing unique pro-active gram-positive bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaning agents making them perfect environmentally effective liquid cleaners and controllers of malodour.