I am a mother and future grandmother. I want to leave my legacy as a Beloved Ancestor. But right now I am responsible for the bad shape the world is in. I want to try to change that as much as possible, as quickly as possible. I have a fierce desire to protect my children and grandchildren and make a better world. EcoBirth is an idea that is open to all to ponder and grow. It is meant to provoke and challenge.

EcoBirth Statement
We want to ensure that there are no more toxins in our bodies or in our developing babies. We want our babies born in a caring, natural way and raised in a safe, non-toxic world. Help us protect our earth, our babies and birth. Pure Life: a clean world, safe births and healthy children.

EcoBirth Philosophy
EcoBirth is the study of and practice in Deep Womb Ecology. It links and relates the environments of Earth and Birth. EcoBirth recognizes that the experience of childbirth is an indicator of how we care for mothers, babies and the earth.

EcoBirth Mission
Point to the information that will help us protect our future children. Empower women to take protective action before and through the birth experience. Link personal action with political action and advocacy that will protect our children and future generations

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Set up a time with me to see the presentation that I gave at the Green Festival in San Francisco, April 10 , 2010:
titled  A Mother’s Legacy Story- A Precautionary Tale