Ecomma designs and markets Green LED Lighting products to fulfill the mission to protect the earth.
* Capital-USD30 million
* Location of office and factory in Jhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Brand Spirit :  
ECOMAA” is the combination of words “ECO” and “MAA” ;
in which “eco” stands for ecological and “maa” is originated from Finnish which means “earth” and “mother”.
Our relationship with the land that was passed down by our ancestors and has bred all living things , is one much like the interdependence between a mother and child. Ecomaa Lighting Inc. embraces the beliefs to respect and protect the land, and strives to design and develop environmental friendly lighting products which will ensure our future generations with a cleaner and eco-friendly environment.

* Love and respect the environment.
* Be disciplined and pragmatic.
* Be innovative and ever-improving disciplined and pragmatic.
* Be innovative and ever-improving

Endeavor to the green earth, light up this beautiful world.

* Implement eco-friendly designs for primary objects of
  environmental solutions.
* Comply with international green supply chain and product
  standards such as TUV, RoHS, CE, FCC and UL for all of
  Ecomaa’s range of products.
* Engineer new processes and packing materials to reduce
  global carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact.

Ecomaa Lighting’s avant-garde strategy in developing technology which actively reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions has the sole purpose of creating a sustainable environment to provide the maximum benefit for our customers. Our global vision is to minimize our carbon footsteps for a greener world.
Our global green promise begins at our company with simple solutions which over time can make a difference to our world. With employees upholding principles of recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of energy consumption, these practices in turn can have a position influence on families, friends and our wider community to raise awareness of the importance of our social responsibility to our environment.

Since 2008, Ecomaa has been pioneers in LED lamp industry, setting new standard in heat dissipation. Together with Forcecon, leaders in heat pipes and rotary fan module, Ecomaa quickly became benchmarks of new innovative name in LED family.
With advanced and accurate heat thermal simulation, Ecomaa can effectively reduce the temperature up to 50%, at the same time provide the best working condition for the LED. Together with the well designed heat-sink, Ecomaa continuously receives praises for its design and approach.

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