Ecomajik Companies, a subsidiary of Advertising Majik Corporation, is an organization focused on helping homeowners and business deal with and fix, indoor pollution. Today, indoor pollution is believed to be as much as five times greater than outdoor pollution. Mold, mildew, bacteria, germs, viruses and chemicals from household cleaners and even your carpet, create allergic reactions, sometimes severe, in occupants.
Ecomajik Companies provides Fresh Air Surround technology, originally designed for NASA and the Space Shuttle, that scrubs the air and sanitizes surfaces killing all contaminants especially viruses like MRSA, CDIF, H1N1, Staph, E-Coli and Anthrax.
Our Living Water  technologies purify and ionize your drinking water creating a natural antioxidant value of +400 O.R.P . a level unmatched by competing products.
Our Laundry Pure device utilizes Space Certified Technology to clean and sanitize your clothing without the use of harmful detergents or hot water. Using only cold tap water, Laundry Pure gets you clothes that are clean, bacteria free and non irritating to your skin.
Ecomajik Companies is a proud distributor of Vollara Environmental Purity Products. For more information call 512-222-PURE (7873)