Who We Are:

Some call us the bomb-diggity.  Or, maybe that’s just what we call each other around the office.  Either way, most people know us as EcoMoso.  Whichever you name you choose, just know that we sell flooring and rock out it all out via the internet.

What We Sell:

Just about everything.  In fact, if you want some tasty specialty donuts, we know a perfect little shop and, yes, we will sell and send them to you.  When we’re not selling donuts, we also sell a wide range of flooring brands along with any trim and decorative pieces you may need.

What We Blog:

Because we want our customers to know that the products we sell are much more than just pretty flooring faces, we blog as often as we can about the benefits of purchasing and installing certain floors.  Doesn’t that sound exciting?  Well, we promise that it is.  You see, we are really proud of the products that we sell and find a lot of excitement in sharing the latest and greatest product information with our customers.  All that said, www.floorninja.com is our site, and it is 100% cooler than a bo-staff to the face.

The Name:

Developed from a combination of words, EcoMoso stems from Eco, which is commonly used to describe the relationship between an organism and their environment, and Moso, a species of bamboo.  We love this pairing because we believe that one, it is important for all humans to have a positive relationship with their environment, i.e., the earth, and two, bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural resources available to us today.  Simply put, we love the idea of a planet where everything is earth-friendly, including the floors that we put into our homes and businesses.

So, there you have it!  We know you’ll love us so let’s get together and we promise to show you how awesome we are.  On a final and slightly more serious note, we understand that there is a definite gap between being ordinary and extraordinary when it comes to service and products.  That said, because we hate gaps (go rectified tiles!), EcoMOSO is firmly committed to providing outstanding customer service while working to provide all the information we can about environmental responsibility.  In other words, we multi-task.  Additionally, all of the products we feature are from leading manufacturers who are dedicated to uncompromised quality and we have been combining efforts with them for years to deliver an unmatched level of customer care.

Thank you for reading and we hope to talk to you soon!