Every crisis brings with it an opportunity for major change, a call for decisive action and new ways of working together. The foreclosure crisis presents just such a challenge and an opportunity to rethink and redefine our cities.

ecoSMART REALTY GROUP, LLC. ( ecoSMART ) is a Real Estate Brokerage and Investment firm located in Los Angeles that is looking to capitalize from the current foreclosure crisis and deliver back to the market a product that will redefine our neighborhoods.

ecoSMART will purchase properties at an extreme discount from Banks, Wholesale Lenders, and Asset Managers for the purpose of rehabbing them and gaining the most profitability out of them.

What sets ecoSMART apart from any competition is our rehab process. ecoSMART will be converting/ rehabbing all properties purchased into a "turn-key energy efficient home". By using "sustainable " products through out the rehab process ecoSMART is promoting a healthier home environment by reducing energy and water consumption, all while gaining maximum profitability for investors.

Whether by law or by simple economics, "Green" real estate will become the norm.  When that occurs, the incentives for "Green" will be gone. By getting ahead of any competition and the curve upwards we will position ourselves as one of the leaders in the "Green" real estate market.

ecoSMART is looking to be one of the first one stop Real Estate Brokerages offering fully rehabbed "Green" homes to the Public along with offering Investors an investment into "Green" real estate. We are looking to have a continuous supply of homes that we will be able to rehab and return to market