EcoSpeed is the leading maker of mid-drive type electric assists for bikes and trikes. Mid-drives give more performance for a given motor and battery weight and, unlike hub motors, don’t create drag when you just want to pedal.

We pay attention to the wide variety of bikes and trikes that people ride.

Whether you have a high performance road bike, suspended mountain bike, Dutch bakfiet cargo bike, recumbent bike or trike, or even a fully enclosed velomobile, we probably have an assist that will work with your ride.

Our customers, Mack and Sally, now love riding up their “big hill” near their home, with our system on their tandem.
We aspire to make cycling even more fun and accessible for our customers.

EcoSpeed founder, Brent Bolton, was on a search for an electric bike that would leverage gears on his bike and couldn’t find a high-quality electric motor system that one could install on the bike of one’s choice.

From basement workshop to our current factory in southeast Portland, Oregon, EcoSpeed has been growing every year as the demand for pedal-electric hybrid vehicles grows.

EcoSpeed is made in Portland, Oregon.  When our customers purchase an EcoSpeed system they are supporting a complete network of local manufacturers.  We use the highest quality materials and components that we can find, sourcing locally first.  We design these systems, we build them, we sell them, we service them, and at the end of the day, we ride ‘em home.

We are inspired by our trendsetting customers across the US and around the world and dedicate ourselves to product excellence and customer service.

We love to share and contribute to our community from collaborating with local community colleges and adult learner programs to sponsoring neighborhood group rides.  We love to sponsor cargo bike and electric bike rides during Pedalpalooza, Portland’s June cycling festival.

We know what we do makes cycling more fun and practical as transportation while making the world a greener, friendlier place.