EdREPUBLIC Launches a Comprehensive Online K-12 Education Based News Publication, Seeking to Become the De Facto Education News Source of Record throughout the U.S.

Education Republic or edREPUBLIC is proud to announce it has launched its K-12 education based online news publication www.theedrepublic.com. EdREPUBLIC is the most comprehensive privately held internet based education focused newspaper in the United States. EdREPUBLIC believes in finding truth beyond the rhetoric and shifting the nations focus back to our most precious asset, our children. The online news publication posts news articles, blogs, journals relating to; Politics in education, parenting, youth leadership, curriculum, bullying, assessment and reports, school safety, healthy living, scholarships, diversity and drugs/alcohol in schools etc.

Based in Central California, edREPUBLIC provides top education news stories relevant to education in public, home school, charter, faith based and private schools. EdREPUBLIC is an excellent source for parents, students, educators and the community at large. The website serves as a thorough media platform with a broad audience as education is directly or indirectly relevant to every American.

EdREPUBLIC was founded in October 2011 by Aubrey Priest,  a passionate “go-giver”, working over 18 years as an educator and counselor giving back to the community. The site was created because Aubrey believes in the power within every American to renew their commitment to improving the fractured educational system. Aubrey’s education and experience are diverse, positively impacting both adults and students alike, working in corporate business, education, counseling and rehabilitation. He has helped the lives of thousands of young men and women seeking better lives and achieving personal, professional success and contentment. Aubrey is also seeking an Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Creighton University and a motivational speaker and philanthropist.

EdREPUBLIC derives its news from contributors, journalists, bloggers, scholars in the education arena and other news syndications and media they have partnered with throughout the United States.

For more information regarding the website please visit www.theedrepublic.com or contact edREPUBLIC at customerservice@theedrepublic.com or advertise@theedrepublic.com.