CyberData India is a full service information management company, established in 1996, offering a unique solution to each of our customer's needs, allowing us to enjoy lasting relationships with both government and private companies. We consult with each of our customer's prior to project inception in order to provide them with a cost effective strategy. Having been in the India data entry business since fifteen years does give us an edge over others.

Partnering with our expertise in information management will allow you to concentrate on your core business, eliminate processing overheads and provide your company with results from a proven document processing company.

We have successfully served a long list of clients, helping them scan, key, OCR and tag content from a variety of source formats and languages. Our trained support staff provide quick and accurate data to our clients.

We follow a “double entry” process for data entry and our Quality Check processes are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

eDataShop has been setup to provide online dependable, high quality effective data entry and data conversion services by CyberData India.

CyberData offers a full range of services:

    - Document Preparation
    - Data Entry / Processing
    - Image capturing
    - Image Keying
    - Image Editing
    - OCR Cleanup
    - Forms Processing

How We Work:

Using samples of the original document to be processed, including other client information and output record format, CyberData develops the perfect integration of your form and our programming to handle the data input, output, quality management and project management. Note the design and implementation of a new form / document format for greater statistical compilation, is always available.

Our experienced staff specializes in data entry with the option to key verify. This involves a second entry process to detect and correct any discrepancies from the original source. We routinely enter surveys, contacts lists and achievement/psychological responses and scores.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we have partnered with several non-profit organizations like "Digital Divide Data" and "Source for Change" etc. Helping them create jobs for the under privileged. We constantly mentor new non-profits in the BPO sector, sharing our knowledge, skills and experience. We provide training and employment to women who are from the poorer sections of society, physically challenged or with low skill sets thus empowering them to lead a better life.