EDDCS, an Internet company focused on proving delivery of digital merchandise.

EDDCS (Electronic Download Delivery Confirmation Service) provides delivery confirmation, similar to delivery confirmation for physically mailed packages, for merchants selling e-books, music, software, and more.  As more and more people turn to instant media downloads there has also been an increase in reports of non-receipt of merchandise.  While some complaints are valid, merchants are also seeing an increase in friendly fraud.

Friendly fraud occurs when a customer places an order with their credit or debit card, and then issues a chargeback via their credit card company or banking institution, despite the fact that they have received the product they ordered.  In the digital world merchants have been strong-armed into refunding payments to avoid charge backs.  On most occasions the customer simply contacts the merchant with a complaint and the merchant will issue a refund to the customer, with few questions asked.  Duane Murray, the architect and inventor of EDDCS, is also a digital merchant and has faced this very scenario many times over the years.  This patented technology provides delivery confirmation, and is viewable by third parties, on downloadable merchandise.  This allows merchants, customers, and chargeback investigators to verify the delivery status of digital items.