Eddie Daniels is an author who has written "The Baseball Hall of Fame Corrected" and that's it. Well, actually, that book proved to be so large that he also divided it into three volumes. So that's sort of like four books. Not really.

“The Baseball Hall of Fame Corrected” brings order to the chaos of Hall-of-Fame arguments. It starts with specific standards based on the current composition of the Hall. Then it compares each existing Hall-of-Famer's record to the standards to determine whether he really deserves the honor. It also uses the same standards to review the credentials of each viable candidate not in the Hall.

But this is no dry recitation of stats. The book also loaded with stories, humor, and digressions into everything from psychology to American history. Do not expect each player to be treated with reverence; author Eddie Daniels has opinions and isn’t afraid to share them. Inspired by the likes of Bill James and Baseball Prospectus, Daniels combines the precision of an academic with the wit of an oddball comedian.

“The Baseball Hall of Fame Corrected” is for casual fans and hard-core baseball nerds alike. It is available only as an e-book, as one unwieldy tome or in three normal-sized volumes.