Established in 1986, Decision Group is one of the leaders providing PC-Based Multi-Port RS232/422/425 Serial Cards, Data Acquisition & Measurement Products, Industrial Automation and Control System. Since 2000, Decision Group has built a business division of digital forensics technology in developing the software of Internet Content Monitoring and Forensics Analysis Solution. As a pioneer of digital forensics software & device provider, Decision offers a series of extensive forensics solutions including software, hardware, consulting services and training programs for customers in protection of intellectual property and important information assets from Internet threats. Decision’s product portfolio of E-Detective series had been widely accepted by lawful enforcement agencies, military intelligences and research institutes worldwide.
The core product series of Decision Group are for wired, wireless, offline…etc as following:

* E-Detective(ED) : Internet transaction Interception, Internet user behavior management, data leakage prevention, and Monitoring and Content Analysis Solution
* Wireless-Detective(WD): WLAN Interception, WLAN user behavior management, data leakage prevention, and Content Analysis Solution
* E-Detective Decoding Center (EDDC): Offline Internet Packet Reconstruction Solution with compliance of ETSI/CALEA standard.
* HTTPS/SSL Interceptor: HTTPS/SSL transaction Interception and analysis Solution
* VoIP-Detective: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Interception and tracking Solution