edifyIT, LLC is an  IT Service Management (ITSM) Consulting & Training company. Our services utilize workable ITSM approaches to fit your business.  We specialize in  ITSM Business Modeling, ITSM Improvement, ITSM Maturity evaluations, ITSM Business Strategy and Planning.            

Partnering with clients to  -

‚ÄčIntegrate organizational structure, culture, service infrastructure and applications, people, policies and processes.
Transform and mature the business.
Perform with measurable results.
Educate "silos" to communicate, integrate and produce.

edifyIT helps clients to -

Develop an integrated ITSM Business model and move away from silo structures.
Develop staff for more mindful day-to-day decision-making.
Improve communication between departments, work units and organizations.
Be efficient in IT Service Provisioning.  "Turn It Up Right".
Ability to sustain and maintain a continuous service improvement plan.
Design usable, workable, maintainable and audit-able processes.
Purposeful and usable reporting.
Manage data.
Engineer or re-engineer a process framework to reduce redundancies.
Make better use of ITSM tools and align to process, produce results, and capture what's necessary.