Now, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, business consultant, fitness instructor or any professional looking for an effective way to expand your business reach – a new company meets that need.  Edify Lab (www.edifylab.com) is an online service that lets professionals and experts deliver services directly to clients via live one-on-one web chat, and get paid immediately for their time.  

Successful serial entrepreneur Andrew Dillon is back with Silicon Valley-based Edify Lab, offering a diverse, global collection of advisors available for live, face-to-face online video-chat sessions with eager clients on topics ranging from retirement planning to weight loss or home repairs to negotiating a contract. Dillon is just days away from a massive public launch of EdifyLab.com and is looking to grow the portfolio of recognized advisors to build the most diverse collection of advisors available via video chat.

“Edify Lab was conceived to connect people seeking answers together with people who have the answers and expertise.  We are seeing a great response from consumers who seek more than emails or text communication, but rather want a live consultation over the web or mobile device.  They love this as a way to save time and expand choice of advisors.” explained Dillon. “Advanced video chat technology is at the core of Edify’s ability to allow anyone seeking information to converse with a live advisor, expert, instructor or professional in dozens of categories.”

Any professional that has a laptop, desktop computer or mobile device can be listed on Edify, and deliver live one-on-one video sessions, pre-paid by the client.  

Edify Lab provides advisors with a turnkey platform.  All that is required of an advisor is to sign up and create a brief profile.  Edify brings in the clients, enables scheduling and payment, and then facilitates the live one-on-one call.  The process is efficient and convenient.  Because it doesn’t require either party to travel, it broadens any advisor’s reach to a national, even global customer base.

“Edify has taken all the difficulty out of video chat, scheduling and matching customers to experts.  All advisors have to do is enter their profile information, and watch for notifications of appointments. It’s that easy,” said Dillon.

Edify Lab is free to enroll for Advisors and clients.  To learn more or to sign up, visit www.EdifyLab.com.