Edify Overseas is a venture by team of four young international students with innovative ideas and understanding of the nitty gritties involved in study abroad process. What is special about the team is that all four partners have studied from different universities in United Kingdom and have first hand experience in right from choosing the University to passing out of that University.

They are well aware of the general challenges faced at every stage and can tackle them efficiently and correctly. The team has been successfully providing education consulting services in the United Kingdom since 2010 and now wishes to leverage this experience towards students in India to help them fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. We bring to the table self-experience in application process, market knowledge, financial status of target countries, and knowledge of funding organisations.

The key elements in study abroad process consist of three Ws:
Which University;
Why that University; and
Where i.e. the location/country of your study

Once you have the answer to these three questions, the remaining process is purely procedural such as Filing of Applications to the university, Visa Application, Immigration etc.

For more information, please visit: www.edifyoverseas.com or email us: ask@edifyoverseas.com